Birds…love me…?

Unfortunately, I was a bit hasty in posting this. He/she is no longer with us. The kids took some comfort in the fact that Roberto (the name we all know would have won) ate and drank and didn’t spend his last night alone. He was a sweet little thing. But he did seem older and lethargic. Anyway, the name contest is officially closed.

At this point, I think we can all agree on the fact that I’m not finding these birds, they’re finding me. Yes, this really happened. Again. Another lost, beautiful little bird, with no one to protect him. What I don’t get is why I’m not having to fight other wannabe protectors off? I keep assuming I’m going to have to plead my case as to why I should take the bird home, and then everyone willingly steps back as I happily take a bird home in a random box. Except for the children. The children all desperately want the birds. This is an issue I should probably explore more on my own.

From what I have heard, it’s fairly common practice in TaiwaIMAG1344-01n to just let a pet go when you no longer want it. (Dogs and cats included.) And I’m assuming this is what has happened with both birds. Once we had Donut a bit longer, it became somewhat obvious why someone would grow tired of him. He can be a tad squawky. It doesn’t really bother me, and when it does I put him out on the balcony for some sun. He’s getting kind of popular and has wild bird friends that fly by on occasion to visit him. Back inside, he tends to shut the chatter down around 4 or 5 PM until (early) the next morning.

So, this new guy…very similar story to Donut. We were at our actual school this time, watching some Wednesday after school soccer, and in he flew out of nowhere. I knew it was meant to be. After a few unsuccessful attempts to get him, he finally landed on some netting almost right outside my husband’s office. I rushed up to the second floor, and burst into the room with a, “You’re not going to believe this…!” Have I mentioned how pleased the husband is that I keep rescuing birds? He was totally, definitely on board with the idea of taking a second bird home, right away. We’re just going to take that story and run with it. We didn’t get him at that point, but he flew back down to ground level where a friend of mine scooped him up!


My friend, the bird catcher, today. We didn’t have a donut box this time around.

So, no donut box this time. No instant name. I almost went with “Mo” because my friend (the bird catcher) referenced a Mo Willems book about birds that fall in love, on Gerald the elephant’s head. But when we got home I decided instead that we’d have a little fun with the naming process. We checked out bird naming web sites (yes, they’re a thing) and each member of our family chose a name they liked for our new friend. And now it’s up to you to help us choose! So, below, annonymously and in no particular order, are the 5 choices.

1. Goldie

2. Buddy

3. Scooter

4. Roberto

5. Daisy

Please, take a little time…research if you must, and leave your pick in the comments section below. Just kidding. Don’t over think it, but do it! Humour us, please? (The kids are VERY excited about this.) We’ll make a final count exactly one week from tonight, at 7 PM. One vote per person, please.

Birdie (as he’ll be known for the next week) feeling good after chowing down on some bird seed and having a little rest.

9 thoughts on “Birds…love me…?

  1. Katrina, hahahahaha! Nice! This time, it’s from a “PC HOME” box, maybe “PIXIE” would be a good choice. Anyway, I will vote “Goldie” for such a beautiful bird. :- )

  2. If I have to choose from the above list I would choose Goldie.
    (but I do REALLY like the other suggestion for Sprite!)

  3. Hii-larious!

    I was hoping for Nettie, but didnt see it in the list. Sooo…I choose…I really wish I knew whether it is a girl or boy…umm…ima gonna assume it’s a beautiful girl, and go with Daisy :).

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