Summer is here. Summer is gone. Life goes on.

That’s about how life feels right? We look forward to something for so long and then it comes and goes in a flash. And we’re left in a daze, wondering if it really happened and how it’s already over, as we return to life as we know it. It’s strange to me, how ordinary it feels now, to suddenly find ourselves back in Canada or Taiwan and feel like we never left. The wide open Canadian skies and English conversations all around me, don’t even freak me out anymore.

That being said, we had an incredible summer! I really meant to get on here a few times and update, but I was just too busy enjoying life. Many people have said, “from your pictures, it looks like you had a great summer!” And I’m just like, “Ya. We really did!” I’ll be the first to admit, that is not always the case with holidays and the pictures I take. Sure I love taking pretty pictures, and appreciating beautiful places…but more often than not, that holiday photo is portraying a level of contentment that I’m not always feeling when I’m taking it. Traveling as a family is downright stressful and unpleasant at times. It’s always a little bit reassuring though, to know that in 10 years even I’ll look back at the pictures and not remember the small stressful details, but just the happy faces and memories.

Speaking of pictures, in a sad turn of events, our computer died and there’s a chance I’ve lost years worth of photographs. And on top of that, thinking my shots from this summer were safe in the cloud when I couldn’t put them on the computer, I deleted them and also lost those. This bothers me more than I care to admit. On the bright side however, I got an early birthday present from my wonderful husband and now have my very, very OWN computer again, for the first time since college!

So, while I’ve lost some photo memories, I’d better write down a few of my very best highlights of the summer to appreciate and remember forever.

    • Time at the lake. Yes, I still say I don’t want to live on a lake, because of, you know…spiders. But quality family time, with killer sunsets on Makada and laughter and NO MOSQUITOES on Lake Okanagan, for sure, top the list. (I now understand the Ontario mosquito jokes.)

No matter where I roam, Canada will always be my home. #carefree #summertime #sudbury #northernontario #Canada #tmom #iloveit

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    • Cheap McDonald’s iced coffees, sushi, Walmart (purchasing too many cosmetics <lip gloss>) and so much laughter with some besties.
    • Mackinac Island, family & fudge.
    • Just good old fashioned enjoyable conversation and catching up with people, while enjoying my nice, straight, soft hair. (While out of the Taiwan humidity)  Feeling cold and being able to wear pants and hoodies was also very pleasant. And also all my fellow Canadians apologizing for the cool weather was pretty amusing.
    • Canada’s Wonderland & Alexandra’s face on the first crazy hill on the first ride of the day…The Leviathan. (Got it on video and didn’t delete it!)
    • Watching the kids interact and build strong bonds with their cousins and just meeting new friends at the playground. (Alexandra:”Mom, Canada’s neat because all of the kids speak English here.”)

There really were so many highlights. Too many to list. A big part of what made this summer so great was our children’s ages. Most of the time they were outside playing, with friends, in real yards, in fresh air. And they were able to appreciate all the great things that we love about Canada too. This made goodbyes that much harder. It’s hard to take your kids away from all these cherished things. It was actually super hard for every one of us to make the trip back to Taiwan this year. I’m not saying we’re not happy to be here. We are. We love Taipei and so many people here too. It’s just, those rose coloured glasses are so easy to slip on and enjoy the view from.  And we just miss people and being close to family a LOT sometimes. Period.

So yes…two more years until we enjoy another summer like this. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be moving back in 2017. Maybe we’ll be home for a visit before moving to another part of the world. Maybe it’ll be just like this summer and we’ll have the time of our lives before returning to Taiwan again. One thing is guaranteed; it’ll pass us by, in a flash.


3 thoughts on “Summer is here. Summer is gone. Life goes on.

  1. Well said, well said!

    It was a great summer, wasn”t it?! Miss you guys!!

    Until next time…

    Hugs ;)!!

    Ps. I feel so sad about your pics :(. Really, this is my fear. I will make online albulms of my pics soon soon; so you can have some too.

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