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If you haIMAG4216-01ve an irrational fear of birds, you should probably just turn around right now. If not, carry on.

Just over 6 months ago, we got Donut. He’s a Lovebird. Without a mate. He’s as noisy as he is pretty. And he really is quite attractive…for a bird. The weeks following his arrival in our home, I searched in vain at the many pet stores in our area for bird accessories. Finally, a helpful employee at one of the stores told me in broken English that I should visit Bird Street. Of course. Of course there’s an area dedicated to just birds and their many accessories. That’s so Taiwan. I love how there are districts with competitors stores lined up all in a row for pretty much everything going. It’s a good way to efficiently find the best deal for whatever you’re searching for.

Well, me and my girls finally made it to Bird Street yesterday. (Yes, it tookIMAG4199_1-01 that long. And no, I’m not sure why I didn’t have bird toys on my lengthy “to buy in Canada” list that I brought home with me this past summer.) Bird Street was everything I anticipated, and more. It’s very easy to get to, and a fun area to check out even if you have no interest in owning a pet bird. It’s a perfect (free) activity to do with kids. Seriously.

How to Get to Bird Street Taipei

OK, so it’s not actually called Bird Street. It’s Heping W. Rd, Sec. #3. Take the MRT to Longshan Temple Station, take exit #3, and turn left. Walk 3 or 4 minutes and you’ll arrive at a huge intersection. Continue on past that and along both sides of Heping you’ll see many stores with birds, birds and more birds. So many birds. You can actually hear them before you see them, as most of the stores put their biggest and most colourful guys on display, out front.


It’s Not Just Birds on Bird Street

Donut would be the most stylish bird on the block in this beauty cage.
Such an “only in Taiwan” moment. And a highlight of the day too.

As I mentioned earlier, there are toys and accessories. There is every size of cage going and really anything you could dream of buying for your precious birdie. Functional, decorative bird cages can also be purchased. And if I hadn’t already invested so much coin into our “free” bird, I would have been easily tempted to pick one up.

Besides  birds, I saw a couple of kitties. And a giant, orange lizard that is happy to pose for pictures. That’s totally normal right?

OK, so this is still birds, but we also saw a friendly shop owner, hand-feeding at least a hundred cute little baby birds, one by one. She smiled as we watched, and was just as entertained by the girls as we were seeing the babies.

Did We Come Away Satisfied?

No matter how much I spoil him, he’ll never trust me.

After a few Google hangout messages, one phone call and a generous amount of tears from the girls, we couldn’t convince the Mister to let us get a friend for Donut. If you happen to work at Wal-Mart though, and you’re interested, yes, I did find everything I was looking for. We got him a couple of toys, a mirror, a “nail trimmer” perch, a thing to chew on for his beak (don’t be intimidated by my easy use of such technical terms for bird accessories) and new water and bird seed dishes.  I came away satisfied. And excited to see how Donut would react to all this new wonderfulness in his cage.

Shortly after I was pretty disappointed, as it seemed Donut was still dissatisfied. He’s a hard bird to please. Well that’s not totally true…he does enjoy chirping at himself in his new mirror. I’ve given up all hope of him getting comfortable enough to hang out on my finger though. If I can transfer him between cages during cleanings without him drawing blood, then I consider it a win. Ya, he’s a bit of a stinker. But he makes us laugh. And the kids get a kick out of him. So, we’ll keep him. (outside during most of the daytime hours…our neighbors may hate us a little.)

Bird Street Taipei. Bring the kids. Check it out. What other fun areas have you discovered that are worth a visit?


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  1. Haha.. makes me want to have a lovebird too. I have been to Bird Street in Taipei a few times and just love the birds and accessories galore there. Thanks for sharing; i will be visiting again this Dec 2016 !

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