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Why hello there! My name’s Katrina. I’m a Canadian living in Taipei, Taiwan. My husband and I first moved to Taiwan (a different city in the south, Kaohsiung) waaay back in 2002, after only being married 11 months. You know how you can have a really amazing first year of marriage or else a REALLY, ahem, tough one? Well, yes, ours was the latter. And you know how some people can move to the other side of the world and hit the ground running and never seem to leave the honeymoon phase behind, in their new land? Well, no…that wasn’t me. Our first 3 months here, I wanted to die. Or at least come close enough that I’d have to go home for some sort of medical treatment. I was a tad ridiculous. I was so far out of my comfort zone and being out of my comfort zone makes me extremely uncomfortable. (Extremely!) But things slowly got better. I started to make some amazing new friends. (Once I left my “I have friends in Canada, I don’t NEED any new friends here!” attitude behind.) And then we did something really crazy! We got pregnant (Made in Taiwan) and I gave birth to my first sweet baby (boy) on the other side of the world! Completely absurd and wonderful, all at the same time. At that point, I had finally had enough. I had grown to love Taiwan, but I was ready to get home and start our “real life”. The Mr. was on board with this as well, and so we did. Moved home. Bought a house. Struggled to find jobs. Went back to school. Popped out another beautiful baby (girl). Started to get more comfortable. Maybe a little too comfortable. And then we got the itch. (To move. Like figuratively. Not a rash.) I finally understood that what we had seen and experienced could not be un-learned. And my husband and I were on the same page. We had to get out on another adventure. My husband applied to Morrison Academy here in Taiwan and in the blink of an eye we were moving to Taipei.

And now, here we are. We’re in the 6th year of our contract with the school and just recently signed for another 2 years. One more beautiful child (girl) came to be with us just over 3 years ago. (So more of my children were born out of Canada than in!)  I see now that this is real life, everyday, no matter where I am.  There are definitely challenges to raising a family in a foreign land, but there are challenges everywhere.  We are thankful for the life we have here and the opportunities it’s afforded us. The travel, the experiences, the friendships, the life lessons…priceless! I have kept a more personal blog for family/friends to read since that first big move to Taiwan. Here I hope to focus more on our experiences, travels (local & international) and everyday life in Taipei.

Our wedding theme was, “Our Journey Begins…”. And I for one have learned along this journey that you have to find the humour in life. (Or you will soon find yourself in the fetal position in the corner somewhere, with a toddler trying to lick you. Or worse…) So here you will find our Amusing Journeys. I’m fairly certain Murphy’s Law was invented for us and while I love to laugh, it is not. always. easy. in the moment. (Like when you’re trapped in an airplane bathroom, with the flight attendants banging on the door because your toddler just pushed the emergency button on the wall, which you can’t even see because your contact lenses have completely dried out and become one with your eyeballs.) But I do enjoy a good chuckle writing about these situations after the fact. And if I can make you laugh in the process, or share some helpful knowledge, well then I’ll be satisfied. So thank you for stopping by. And for reading this far if you have!

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