Bird Street Taipei

If you have an irrational fear of birds, you should probably just turn around right now. If not, carry on. Just over 6 months ago, we got Donut. He’s a […]

The Import Grocery Aisle. Where Do I Find it in Taipei?

Before I begin, please note that I’m writing this from a North American, and more specifically Canadian perspective. If you’re looking for Marmite, I can’t help you. Although, I’m pretty […]

A GREAT haircut in Taipei!

    You see, a few months ago I had yet another bad hair experience here in Taiwan. And I’ve had far too many of these experiences in my time […]

Yummy Pho. Where do I find it in Taipei?

I can’t tell you how many times, living as an expat in Taiwan, I’ve asked the question or been asked, “Where do I find _______ ?” I am by no […]